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Implementing sub-commands in Python with argparse

Long chains of easier-to-read sub-commands have come to be all the rage these days, or maybe it’s just me. To fit into contemporary parlance, I feel like most programs historically used prefixes for sub-commands like -, like find’s -exec. These days, calling an application with docker volume ls or kubectl get all --all-namespaces is an everyday thing. Nowadays sed -i would be written like sed inplace.

System76 Oryx Pro 17” (ORYP4 2018) Fresh Install of Kubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

Naturally, the first thing I did after powering it on and making sure it worked, was to wipe the installation of Ubuntu on the laptop and replace it with my now-favorite Linux Distribution: Kubuntu. For one, I want full-disk encryption. With how easy it is these days, who wouldn’t? And KDE is just superior these days. It didn’t use to be, but it is now and going forward.


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