Hosting Your Own Cloud Docker Compose, Nextcloud, Collabora, Nginx, Prometheus, Grafana

This will be a long post, where ultimately, if followed, you will learn how to set-up and self-host Nextcloud for file syncing, calendars, password managers and more, with Collabora for Google Docs-like real-time document editing, behind an Nginx reverse proxy entirely in Docker containers using docker-compose, with metrics from Prometheus visualized with Grafana, and free monitoring on a host OS of **Ubuntu 16.04, through a CDN such as CloudFlare.** Was that enough words for one sentence?

Three Styles for Printing and Concatenating Strings With Python 3.6+

There’s multiple ways to print text to the the console in Python. Here are the three or four ways of doing so. Assuming these variables…

#!/usr/bin/env python3.6
y2k = 2000
legal_drinking_age_us = 21
message = "Python is cool"

…We can print the same string with the same variables with mutltiple styles, starting with the more frowned-upon ways of doing it (#1), and ending with the most superior way (#3)… according to the Googs at least :P . I had always used the first style up until a few weeks ago when I dug into the different approaches.

Simple backups on Linux Rsync Multiple Directories to a NAS with Bash

Backups are good. Like how everyone’s Grandpa used to should, one should back dat NAASS up. I recently experienced a drive failure (the source drive) while doing a backup. Bad timing. That got me into looking for better ways to handle my backups.


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